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Joolz Geo2

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The Joolz Geo² gives you freedom to explore. This amazingly complete pushchair makes life easier, wherever you go. Convenient and maneuverable on forest paths, sandy beaches, and city streets, its four-wheel suspension and large wheels help you to take uneven surfaces in your stride.The extra-large removable shopping basket is super handy and carries everything you need. Have you noticed the easy fold? In just one quick motion the Joolz Geo² effortlessly folds down, with a transport lock to hold it all together. And if life brings you a second child (or twins), the Joolz Geo² can grow with your family, transforming into a duo or twin pushchair. Go for the Joolz Geo² if you’re looking for lifetime warranty and an adaptable, all-terrain pushchair that is super complete.

grows with your family
A second baby? Twins? Congratulations! The Joolz Geo² is designed to grow with your family. To extend the Joolz Geo² to a duo pushchair, just click in the lower cot or seat. And even though your family is growing, the stroller stays the same size, so you can still move around freely.

Four-wheel suspension with puncture-proof tires
Pssst… the secret to this pushchair’s smooth ride: each puncture-proof wheel has its own suspension. These make the Joolz Geo² easier for you to push over urban curbs and pavements, or sticks and stones in the great outdoors. Wherever you go, you and your baby will always enjoy a smooth ride.