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QBIT by Cybex

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ONE HAND FOLDThe innovative fold technique can be operated using only one hand and transforms the Qbit into a compact and free-standing package in seconds.BIG LITTLE BUGGYSpacious and comfortable for kids, compact, light and easy to carry for parents.TRAVEL SYSTEMWith the adapters (optional available) you can attach a gb or CYBEX infant car seat onto the frame.COMPACT LIVINGThe compact folded package can fit anywhere, in the smallest car trunks, under a train seat or in valuable storage space at home.

For parents looking for a lightweight, easy to use travel stroller suitable for both a diverse urban lifestyle and as a perfect travel companion, the Qbit will be a match made in heaven.The Qbit can be folded into a compact, handbag sized package in one swift movement. The folded unit can fit anywhere, the smallest car trunks, under a train seat or, if you're at home, under the stairs. What's more, the Qbit can be used as a travel system (adapters optional), you can fit any gb or CYBEX infant car seat to the frame.